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A blog for Poke'mon gijinkas! Blog is updated between 2PM and 10PM central time. Updates usually come twice a day, but random updates are prone to happen!

If you have a certain Pokemon that you would like to see posted, you can request it through the ask box. Keep in mind, the ask box may be temporarily closed at times due to too many requests. If so, you can always browse the archive to search for older posts!

If you would like to submit a picture or post, please read the guidelines before doing so.

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Hello followers! This is just an update to inform you that our blog location has MOVED! We are now at PokeGijinka (same name!) and we’ll be updating much more frequently! Since these are two different accounts, you will need to follow the new account to get updates (and feel free to un-follow this account, because we will not be updating here anymore).

This Tumblr was located on a side account originally, which made updating difficult, but is now relocated to the admin’s main account. This blog will continue to exist as an archive, but will not be actively updated - so if you want to see new and more gijinkas, check out our new location!

I apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you all of enjoying Pokemon gijinka with us over these past couple of years, and I hope that you will enjoy gijinka with us for many years to come!

— 7 months ago
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